‘Epic on a Worthy Scale’: Rebel Moon Part 2 Cast Tease More Explosive Battle Sequences

‘Epic on a Worthy Scale’: Rebel Moon Part 2 Cast Tease More Explosive Battle Sequences

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver promises to deliver on the epic fight that was set up in Part One: A Child of Fire. But any good battle needs imposing opposition – with a decent villain to back it – and Rebel Moon has two of them in, played by Ed Skrein and Fra Fee.

Chatting to Gizmodo Australia out of New York, Fee and Skrein previewed what audiences can expect from their nefarious characters in Rebel Moon Part 2.

Which leaders did Fra Fee draw on to play Balisarius?

rebel moon part 2 fra fee
Rebel Moon 2 cast: Fra Fee as Balisarius (Image: Netflix)

Regent Balisarius, played by Fee, was the overlord pulling the strings in Rebel Moon – Part One. As Kora’s (Sofia Boutella) pseudo-father figure, Balisarius has a personal investment in the battle of Veldt, but The Scargiver will lift the lid on more of the duo’s backstory, providing Fee the space to dig into the character a little more.

Fee told us that he did draw some inspiration from real-life leaders for his portrayal of the sci-fi tyrant, admitting that these types are “not hard to find”.

“The most ‘successful’ political leaders in history or on the current political stage are the quiet ones, the ones that put up a seemingly sort of peaceful facade, but actually they are manipulating things in such a strategic and scary way – through propaganda and fear, and just instilling a sense of power and control over their people. So it wasn’t hard to find actual figures to draw upon,” Fee said.

How does Rebel Moon 2’s fight scene compare to Part 1?

Rebel Moon 2 cast: Ed Skrein as Atticus Noble (Image: Netflix)

Balisarius may be the quiet one in Rebel Moon 2, but Atticus Noble is still very much his frontman. After seemingly being defeated in Part 1, Skrein’s character makes a miraculous return in Rebel Moon – Part Two and intends to get revenge on Kora and her gang of rebels.

With the sequel described as “a war movie” by Snyder and the cast, that means the battle in The Scargiver has some work to do to top the finale of Part One. However, this is a bar that Skrein feels is surpassed in Kora and Noble’s rematch.

“I’ve always been really excited about the action from the second movie to be seen because these pieces are awesome,” he said. “I’m so happy with it.”

Skrein teased a fight scene “in the trenches with the farmers” as one of his favourites to shoot on Rebel Moon – Part Two, but added that the final battle is worth the wait.

“Of course that last fight was epic on a worthy scale to conclude five hours worth of buildup,” Skrein said.

Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver releases on Netflix today.

Image: Netflix