dude its not a hoverboard

  • Hey, Another Hoverboard Recall

    Eight weeks into 2016, and the list of hoverboards recalled in Australia for fear of injuring users — or for fear of them catching on fire — continues to grow. We’re not going to write about every single recall, as fun as that would be, so let this post (yes, again) be a mark in…

  • Australian Product Safety Recall: AirWalk Hoverboard

    If you recently purchased the AirWalk Self-Balancing Electric Scooter on Scoopon or Catchoftheday, you need to stop using it. The ACCC has issued a safety recall on the product’s battery charger which failed to comply with Australian standards. There is a potential risk of electric shock.

  • The Kaiser Baas ‘Hoverboard’ Makes Me Look Like A Wanker

    My neighbour rolls past in his car, en route to Woolworths. A portly chap, middle-aged. He takes one look at me, brings his car to a halt. The window rolls down with a hum. He peeks out smugly. “You’re gonna kill yourself on that thing,” he says, before driving off into the vanishing point, towards…