Dracula Showrunners Explain How The Vampire Show Could Be Resurrected For A Second Season

Dracula Showrunners Explain How The Vampire Show Could Be Resurrected For A Second Season

BBC and Netflix’s three-part Dracula miniseries ended on a pretty final note, but with the show’s surprising success it’s possible that Count Dracula could wind up coming back for more.

In an interview with RadioTimes, Dracula co-creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat explained how they could bring the vampire, played by Claes Bang in the miniseries, back if they were to get another season. But the bigger question would be: Is it worth it? The third episode ended with Dracula, having conquered his fear of death, choosing to drink the cancerous blood of Zoe Helsing (Dolly Wells) and dying alongside her. It weirdly then shows him having sex with Zoe’s ancestor Agatha (also played by Wells) on the surface of the sun. It was definitely…a choice. But one that might not stick.

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“I mean it’s a show about resurrection,” Moffat said. “That’s literally what the main superpower of the main character is. Dracula started the show dead and then died again in episode two and came back. And then died again. Sister Agatha died and came back. I mean everyone’s dying on that show.”

While Moffat and Gatiss said they have no idea if the BBC and Netflix have plans to bring the show back for a second season, they were in favour of the proposal and even had an idea of how it could be done. Taking inspiration from Dracula: Prince of Darkness, the third movie in Hammer Film’s Dracula series, Gatiss hinted that the way that movie got around Dracula’s demise might not be such a bad idea.

“Apparently if you pour blood onto Dracula’s ashes he comes back,” he said. “Who knows?” It does seem weird that they would want to bring Dracula back after he’d accepted death and found peace. Granted, the ending was super clunky, but you have to wonder whether reviving the character just to get another season would be a mistake—one that undoes everything the original ending symbolized.

However, if they do decide to revive Dracula they can “count” on their star to return. Bang told Radio Times that he would absolutely would return to the role for a second season—adding that he wants to make sure his co-star Wells was involved too, given her crucial role.

“I hope it’s not the end,” he said. “I have to say, I so want to do a second series. Just because I want to, but also because I want to see how Steven and Mark will bring him and Agatha back to life.”

Dracula is currently available to watch on BBC and Netflix.