Yes, Rebecca From Ted Lasso Is Also The Shame Nun from Game of Thrones

Yes, Rebecca From Ted Lasso Is Also The Shame Nun from Game of Thrones

Sorry to ruin your day, but Ted Lasso’s Hannah Waddingham is the same actress who played the Shame Nun in Game of Thrones. I think my brain just melted.

Ted Lasso surprised the world last year by being good. Like, really fucking good. Funny, heart warming and guaranteed to round house kick your heart, it was one of the few positive things 2020 bequeathed us.

The women of the show are particularly bad arse, with Waddingham at the top of that list. Playing the show’s not-quite-antagonist, Rebecca, the audience is treated to a delightful and complex character arc.

So imagine our surprise when it turns out she’s also the Shame Nun. If you need a little reminder, she walks a naked Cersei Lannister through the streets of King Landing while declaring ‘shame’ and ringing her infamous bell.

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This was brought to social media’s collective consciousness by Jessica Ellis on Twitter.

“We need to talk about Rebecca in Ted Lasso being the Shame Nun,” Ellis wrote on Sunday.

While by grace of the old gods and new I believed, I had to confirm it. A quick trip to IMDB revealed that Waddingham did indeed play Septa Unella, aka the Shame Nun.

Unsurprisingly, this revelation has gotten quite the reaction from the internet,

There was also a subsequent thread of Waddingham’s previous roles where she seemed to be a stone cold bad bitch.




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