Finally Some Good News For Optus Customers, You’ve Got the Best 5G Download Speed in Aus

Finally Some Good News For Optus Customers, You’ve Got  the Best 5G Download Speed in Aus

OpenSignal has just dropped its latest Australia Mobile Network Experience report and it’s given some good news to Optus, with the telco dealing with you-know-what being crowned the best for 5G download speeds.

It isn’t that much of a surprise, given Optus has now walked away with the title of ‘best 5G download speed’ three times in a row. It started back in October 2021, when it edged out ahead of Telstra and hasn’t looked back.

According to OpenSignal, Optus has “continued its impressive winning streak for the average 5G download speeds observed by our users”. It wins this time with a score of 240.5 Mbps and a lead of 8.1 Mbps over second-placed Telstra’s 232.3 Mbps.

Not surprising to anyone on the Vodafone network, the telco is in last place with 122.1 Mbps.

Obviously with good 5G service comes good 5G video quality.

OpenSignal has Optus as the outright winner of the 5G Video Experience award for the second time in a row. It comes top this time with a score of 78.4 points on a 100-point scale, giving it a lead of 0.8 points over second-placed Telstra.

Both operators placed in the Excellent (75 or above) category, however. Vodafone, meanwhile, placed one category lower with a Very Good (65-75) rating.

Another win for Optus was when we look at gaming, with OpenSignal saying users of the telco that loves the word ‘Yes’ have the best gaming experience. Its score of 75 points on a 100-point scale means that it is the only Australian operator to place in the Good (75-85) category. Vodafone and Telstra both placed one category lower — Fair (65-75).

It’s not all bad news for Telstra customers, though. Those paying the most money to be on the country’s incumbent telco have the best Download Speed Experience. The thing we didn’t realise was a thing until today means that Telstra is the first Australian operator where users saw average speeds in excess of 60 Mbps.

Telstra’s score of 60.7 Mbps, is up 5.8 Mbps (10.6 per cent) from 54.9 Mbps in the last report and the operator wins with a lead of 8.6 Mbps. Not bad. Telstra also scores points for being the most consistent telco. Your telco has the best 5G reach, too.

Vodafone customers? You win for 5G availability and upload experience. It’s not good, but it’s there, at least. Highly commended, Vodafone.