5 Documentaries We Reckon You Should Watch on Amazon Prime Video

5 Documentaries We Reckon You Should Watch on Amazon Prime Video
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Amazon Prime Video is home to some incredible content, and among the brilliant shows on the platform are some unmissable documentaries.

Here are the documentaries that you should sink some time into on Amazon Prime Video. If you’d like to start watching, head on over to Amazon Prime Video to sign up.

Best documentaries on Amazon Prime Video

In no particular order, here are the five best documentaries on Amazon Prime Video, according to Gizmodo Australia.

Good Night Oppy

Prepare not to cry. Good Night Oppy follows the story of the Opportunity Rover, which was sent to Mars to collect data over a 90-day mission, only to survive 15 years. We love space robots here at Gizmodo Australia, so of course the story of NASA’s Opportunity Rover can’t be missed.

The Sound of 007

The Sound of 007 focuses on one particular part of the James Bond franchise: the Bond songs, including the singers of the pre-film tracks, and the iconic melodies present throughout the movies. The Sound of 007 focuses on making an iconic tune that survives over 60 years of film.

One Child Nation

One Child Nation tells the story of the Chinese social policy that forced families to only have one child or face the consequences, between 1980 and 2015. The film delves into what would happen if there were more than one child born, and the social effects the policy had on the people of China.

Life Off Grid

Life Off Grid follows the lives of Canadians that don’t live in cities or towns, and are instead completely self-sufficient for their own food, water, shelter, and electricity. It focuses on the skills these nomads have rediscovered, and how disconnecting from larger society has changed their lives.

The Real Founder

The Real Founder is a documentary about Richard McDonald, the man who created McDonald’s. The documentary tells the story of how McDonald’s jumpstarted the fast food revolution, and shows the early days of the fast food chain, with archival footage of the original CEO.

There you have it, five documentaries we recommend you watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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