Telstra Has the Highest NBN Market Share, but Others Are Slowly Catching Up

Telstra Has the Highest NBN Market Share, but Others Are Slowly Catching Up

The ACCC is this week the hype squad for smaller NBN providers, praising the growth Vocus and Aussie Broadband had in the three-month period spanning June, July, and August. Together, both providers gained almost 62,000 services under their belts, bringing their NBN market share a little higher, slowly, but steadily.

Broken down, that means Vocus grew by over 33,000 services in the quarter, taking its market share to 7.9 per cent, while Aussie Broadband, which gained over 28,000 services, now boasts 7.5 per cent market share. For other smaller broadband providers, the other standouts were Superloop, which now has 3.1 per cent market share and Southern Phone with 1.4 per cent.

The stats come via the ACCC’s NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report which, if you want to look at it yourself, downloads as a cute Excel spreadsheet. The world does run on Excel. But thankfully the ACCC provided some graphics, too.

Starting with an overview. By the end of the quarter, there was 8.8 million NBN services, which was a slight drop from the three months prior (people shifting to alternative internet options such as 5G or satellite).

nbn market share
Key quarterly indicators, including NBN market share. Image: ACCC

In the image above, you can also see the market share breakdown. While Vocus, Aussie, Superloop, and Southern Phone (the last three considered under ‘Others’), grew their respective market share, Telstra ended the quarter as the carry-over champion. But, the ACCC said Telstra and TPG’s services declined by almost 76,000 in total (together, as in, the both of them) during the June quarter. Worth noting, too, that Optus’ market share remained steady at 13.1 per cent.

Elsewhere, ACCC noted that by June 2023, there were still 118,961 DSL services (a figure that in March 2015 sat at 5.5 million) that are yet to jump onto the National Broadband Network.

nbn market share
Migration from DSL to NBN services. Image: ACCC

Just a note – the ACCC’s NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report contains information on NBN Co’s provision of wholesale services to retail service providers. It does not report on the services supplied by retail service providers to end users.

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Image: ‘The Assistant’, Bleecker Street

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