Here Are the Top AI Stories You Missed Last Week

Here Are the Top AI Stories You Missed Last Week

If you’re behind on what’s happening with the robot uprising, have no fear. Here’s a quick look at some of the weirdest and wildest artificial intelligence news from the past week.

Deepfakes are a powerful information warfare weapon

Photo: Omar Marques (Getty Images)

We’ve known for quite some time that AI is going to make the world’s disinformation crisis soooo much worse. A new study, published this week, reaffirms that suspicion.The research hones in on the role deepfakes are playing combat zones—like Ukraine—and the results are decidedly not good.

Now there’s another reason to pay attention to Riley Reid

Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

Riley Reid, porn star and entrepreneur, has launched a new platform,, that uses AI chatbots that were built with the content and consent of real adult actresses. Sorta like ChatGPT…but with porn.

Artists are poisoning AI art generators from the inside

Image: Stock-Asso (Shutterstock)

Researchers recently created a tool to help human artists fight back against AI companies that would use their work to train their content-generating algorithms. Enter “Nightshade,” a software that artists can use to “poison” large language models that attempt to ingest their art. While “Nightshade” might be a nice stopgap, it’s really not the solution the creative industry needs. Instead, we need laws that regulate the use of copyrighted material by AI algorithms.

Google and Microsoft clearly don’t actually care about the dangers of AI

Photo: Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket (Getty Images)

Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI keep claiming that their AI technology could pose an existential risk to the planet and that it needs to be regulated ASAP. However, the amount of money that those companies are apparently willing to invest in researching adequate regulations is as low as $US10 million. Kyle Barr has the full story.

The UN is trying to figure out this whole AI regulation thing

Photo: SEBASTIEN BOZON/AFP (Getty Images)

The United Nations has formed a new 39-member advisory body that will churn out some regulatory suggestions that other countries can look to while trying to navigate the technological upheaval spurred by new AI platforms.

Cruise’s robotaxi business is in serious trouble

Photo: Phil Pasquini (Shutterstock)

Cruise, the robotaxi company owned by General Motors, is having a pretty tough go of it. This week, the state of California ordered it to pull all of its vehicles off the streets of San Francisco, where it recently was given the green light to begin business operations. Now, the company says it will also suspend all of its operations nationwide.

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