Arcane’s Second Season Is Coming in November 2024

Arcane’s Second Season Is Coming in November 2024

Next to Castlevania, one of Netflix’s most well-known animated properties has to be Arcane. The 2021 series was so popular and beloved it took on a life of its own beyond its source material League of Legends, winning multiple awards and, as of last month, becoming part of the game’s canon. It’s both an example of how to adapt video games to other mediums and create adult animation beyond just being vulgar and more explicitly horny.

It wasn’t long after season one hit that Riot Games and Netflix confirmed a second season was in the works, but the two companies have been pretty quiet on its progress since then. Now Netflix has used its Geeked Week event to confirm that yes, Arcane will be back for season two in November 2024.


Beyond that, details remain as vague as ever: outside of the returning trio of Vi (Hailee Steinfeld), her sister Jinx (Emma Purnell), and her not-girlfriend Cait Kirraman (Katie Cheung), everything else—from returning (or new) characters and voice cast, to what to expect—is currently up in the air.

Back in September, a conference held by Riot’s parent company Tencent featured a graphic indicating the show would arrive around the now-confirmed timeframe. That’ll mark the general window for League’s 15-year anniversary, which would be the perfect opportunity for some franchise synergy: new season of a hit show, and maybe some in-game items related to said show as well. Either way, we’ve got a bit of a wait on our hands, one which will likely grow when Netflix and Riot eventually begin to pull back the curtain on the new season.

In the meantime, the first season of Arcane is available on Netflix, and its soundtrack can be heard on various music streaming platforms.

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