MORNING SPOILERS: Doctor Who Teases Tragedy Behind a Classic Companion’s Return

MORNING SPOILERS: Doctor Who Teases Tragedy Behind a Classic Companion’s Return

Wes Ball teases Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. La Brea is coming to an end with an abbreviated season. Invincible sets the stage for Mark to come face to face with Omni-Man again. Plus, what’s coming on SurrealEstate. Spoilers, away!

The Blackening, Part 2

Variety reports a sequel to The Blackening from original writers Dewayne Perkins and Tracy Oliver is now in development at Lionsgate.

Superman: Legacy

In response to a fan on Instagram (via Comic Book), James Gunn denied the rumor Superman makes his international debut in the Middle East, “where terrorists have gotten ahold of Kryptonian tech” in Superman: Legacy.

Krampus 2

During a recent interview with Collider, Michael Dougherty revealed he has an “idea” for a sequel to Krampus focusing on “a group of strangers” trapped by the titular monster on Christmas.

We have an idea for a sequel on that one, too.

It doesn’t necessarily center around a family as much as it might be about a group of strangers who are trapped somewhere.

Tron: Ares

According to a new report from Collider, Tron: Ares is expected to begin filming “right after the holidays” in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Jason Bourne

Deadline reports a new Jason Bourne movie starring Matt Damon is now in development at Universal with All Quiet on the Western Front director Edward Berger attached to helm.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

In conversation with Empire, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes director Wes Ball stated the film is “essentially a quest narrative” boasting a “younger spirit” than its predecessors.

When I first started on it, I said, ‘I feel like Apes needs a little bit of Star Wars.’ It’s all still very grounded in reality, but it is essentially a quest narrative. Our main character — the young, impressionable Noa [Owen Teague] — meets characters along the way and becomes awakened as he winds up in a place that will test him, and he ultimately becomes his true self. We haven’t kiddified it, or Disneyfied it, if I’m allowed to say that! But we have brought a younger spirit to it.

I wanted to do a big leap forward in time. It’s significant enough that Caesar is still a spirit in the movie, but most of his living relatives are not in this picture. If the last three movies were the Stone Age, here we get to see what happens when they enter the Bronze Age.

Night of the Missing

A haunted ice cream truck sets its sights on a little boy in a clip from Night of the Missing, a new Christmas-set horror anthology streaming this November 28 on Screambox.


Night of the Missing | Exclusive Clip 4

La Brea

Deadline has word La Brea will “conclude” with an “abbreviated” six-episode season premiering this January 9 on NBC.

Doctor Who

During a recent interview with The Telegraph, Bonnie Langford revealed “something dreadful happened” to Mel Bush and her family sometime between 1989 and the present.

She’s supposed to be a computer programmer, but in the 1980s, she never went anywhere near a computer. I didn’t even touch the TARDIS console. She now really knows her tech – which is a major acting job for me, because I can find it hard to text!

What I can say is that Mel has gone through a tough time. Something dreadful happened to her and her family, and there’s a darkness she has had to deal with. But she valued her time with the Doctor, and still has that immense connection with him in all his forms.

Relatedly, new Doctor Who set footage sees protestors outside UNIT headquarters demanding the organization shares its alien tech with the people of Earth.



A deceased homeowner doesn’t realize he’s haunting his own house in the synopsis for “Dearly Departed,” next week’s episode of SurrealEstate.

The Roman Agency must coach a homeowner into the light when he discovers he’s haunting his own house. The team locates Susan, but can they save her?

[Spoiler TV]


Finally, Invincible goes head-to-head with Omni-Man in a clip from this week’s episode.


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