Tesla Isn’t Currently Taking Cybertruck Orders at All

Tesla Isn’t Currently Taking Cybertruck Orders at All

The Tesla Cybertruck is finally going into production. Sort of. Tesla plans to hold a launch event on Thursday and hand over 10 Cybertrucks to an unknown group of customers. If you heard the production news and decided it was finally time to place your order, though, Business Insider has discovered that Tesla is currently not taking new orders for new Cybertrucks (not that it was ever going to come to Australia).

If you head to Tesla’s website, the landing page for the Cybertruck no longer gives you the option of reserving one. Instead, it’s essentially just a timer counting down to the launch event. Which isn’t entirely unheard of for companies to do the day before a big launch. Then again, with a rumoured slow launch and limited production capabilities early on, it’s not like you’d be able to get a Cybertruck anytime soon if you ordered one today.

We have to imagine a large percentage of the supposed 2,000,000+ reservations won’t actually be converted into actual sales, but even if only 10 percent of people with reservations give Tesla their money, it’s going to be a long time before new buyers are able to get their hands on one. There’s also the whole thing where we essentially know nothing about the Cybertruck other than what it looks like.

Price? Power? Range? Towing capacity? Amount of time it can serve briefly as a boat? That’s still all up in the air. This late in the game, you probably want to wait for the important specs to be announced so you can make a more informed decision about whether or not you really want to buy a Cybertruck.

Even without the specs, though, there are definitely plenty of reasons to reconsider buying a Cybertruck. A recent look at a wrapped pre-production model had concerningly terrible build quality, and there’s also the CEO, Elon Musk, who benefits from Tesla sales and then turns around and spreads antisemitic talking points, dangerous conspiracy theories and far-right quackery. Do you really want to give a man like that your money? We know we sure wouldn’t.

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