MORNING SPOILERS: Updates From Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire and More

MORNING SPOILERS: Updates From Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire and More

Kung Fu Panda director Mike Mitchell hopes there’s more movies in the series’ future. Get a new look at a brooding Lestat in Interview With the Vampire season two. Plus, get a look at Hulu’s fantasy anime/live-action hybrid Dragons of Wonderhatch. Spoilers, away!


According to Jeff Sneider’s The Insneider, Brandon Routh, Mena Suvari and Malina Weissman have wrapped filming on Ick, a horror film heavily inspired by Chuck Russell’s 1988 remake of The Blob from director Joseph Kahn (Detention, Power/Rangers). The story is said to concern “a dark, mysterious, and ‘innocuous’ alien substance that has slowly taken root in the world. Routh will play Hank, a failed football star-turned-high school science teacher who has spent years blaming the Ick for his limp. When the Ick eventually evolves and begins to attack, Hank must decide whether to save the life of a student who he suspects may be his daughter, or save the lives of all the other students at risk.”

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

During a recent interview with Empire Magazine, director Gil Keenan stated “we are now in the post-Gozerian era of the Ghostbusters saga” and may finally “stretch out and create an entirely new mythology” with Frozen Empire.

Because the Spengler family story drove the narrative in Afterlife, bringing Gozer back to centre-stage was a natural way to close the book on the past. But we are now in the post-Gozerian era of the Ghostbusters saga, so that means we’re able to stretch out and create an entirely new mythology.

Empire also has a new photo of Peter Venkman lending a hand to Gary Grooberson.

Photo: Sony

Kung Fu Panda 5

In conversation with Next Best Picture, Kung Fu Panda 4 director Mike Mitchell stated he believes a fifth movie is “very possible” since he doesn’t think “anyone will ever get tired of seeing Jack Black as this panda.”

It’s very possible. Like, I don’t think anyone will ever get tired of seeing Jack Black as this panda. I mean, he just is this panda. He comes up with all of the ‘skadooshes,’ all the ‘sha-sha-booeys’ and stuff. We could watch him forever. That said, we have made the most epic chapter of this franchise here.

Night Swim

The cast and crew of Night Swim discuss their fear of pool monsters in a new featurette.

Night Swim | Night Swim Is…

Project Dorothy

A pair of criminals fleeing the police take refuge in an abandoned scientific facility protected by a powerful A.I. (voiced by Danielle Harris) in the trailer for Project Dorothy, coming to VOD this January 16.

PROJECT DOROTHY – Official Trailer

The Kitchen

Unchecked income inequality causes a civil war in London in the trailer for The Kitchen, directed by Kibwe Tavares and Daniel Kaluuya.

The Kitchen | Official Trailer | Netflix

The X-Files

According to Bloomberg, Ryan Coogler is still attached to produce a new version of The X-Files for Disney.

Beacon 23

TV Line reports Beacon 23 has been officially renewed for a second season at MGM+.


However, Deadline confirms Max has decided not to renew Warrior for a fourth season.

Interview With the Vampire

TV Insider has a new image of Sam Reid as Lestat in the second season of Interview With the Vampire.

Photo: AMC

La Brea

NBC continues to hype the end of La Brea in another trailer for its final few episodes.

One Last Chance to Get Home | La Brea Season 3 Official Trailer | NBC

Dragons of Wonderhatch

Finally, a dragon rider from another dimension seeks the help of a high school girl to save both their worlds in Dragons of Wonderhatch, a live-action/anime hybrid series coming to Hulu this December 20.

Dragons of Wonderhatch | Official Trailer | Hulu

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