Rick and Morty’s Return Is Going to Take Longer Than We Thought

Rick and Morty’s Return Is Going to Take Longer Than We Thought

Oh jeez. While season seven was one of Rick and Morty’s best—putting to rest any idea that the behind-the-scenes reshuffling would compromise its quality—it seems we’ll be waiting longer than expected for more: season eight is slated for a 2025 return.

This update comes from a round-up of Rick and Morty news from the Hollywood Reporter, which points to last year’s extended Writers Guild strike as the reason for the production delay. (Waiting and waiting for more episodes is a familiar feeling for the Rick and Morty faithful, it must be noted.)

However, as of today, fans can now stream all of season seven on Max. Plus, there’s a new glimpse of the long-teased Rick and Morty: The Anime, a standalone, 10-episode project from director Takashi Sano—director of Rick and Morty anime shorts Rick and Morty vs. Genocider and Summer Meets God (Rick Meets Evil)—which is due in 2024.

THR shared the video via Adult Swim’s YouTube page:


Rick and Morty: The Anime | EARLY LOOK | adult swim

Rick enjoys drinking and thinking in any medium, clearly. There’s no word yet on exactly when Rick and Morty: The Anime will hit Adult Swim. You can now stream all of Rick and Morty, including last year’s seventh season, on Max.

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