Watch Sasquatch Sex and More In the Trailer For Jesse Eisenberg’s New Film

Watch Sasquatch Sex and More In the Trailer For Jesse Eisenberg’s New Film

The search for Bigfoot is one of those wild concepts that gets tossed around and discussed but never taken quite seriously. Surely Bigfoot, a giant, humanoid creature called a Sasquatch, doesn’t exist. Surely the idea is just silly. But, if he did, he’d come from somewhere. He’d have a family. And maybe that family is still alive.

We don’t know if that’s exactly the idea behind Sasquatch Sunset, the new film from Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter filmmakers David and Nathan Zellner, but it certainly feels like it. Jesse Eisenberg and Riley Keough star as two members of a Sasquatch family who struggle to survive in an ever-changing world. And yes, it’s them in full makeup and yes, this red-band trailer features two characters having sex.


Sasquatch Sunset | Official Red Band Trailer | Bleecker Street

Sasquatch Sunset debuted last month at the Sundance Film Festival to, as you can see in the trailer, mostly positive reviews. But even if the reviews weren’t positive, how can you not be intrigued by a movie this unique? Famous actors in Sasquatch costumes living in the forest with their family? It’s so simple it’s brilliant.

The film is currently scheduled for limited release on April 12 and wide release on April 19. Could this be a sleeper in the race for one of the year’s best genre films? We certainly hope so.

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