House of the Dragon Set Pictures Reveal the Return of an Iconic Westeros Location

House of the Dragon Set Pictures Reveal the Return of an Iconic Westeros Location

Emma Corrin teases their Deadpool 3 villain. Elizabeth Banks wants more Cocaine Bear. James Gunn insists DC’s future animated movies will come to theatres. Plus, take a look at early concept art for Trigun Stampede. Spoilers now!

Frankie Freako

According to Variety, Steven Kostanski will follow Psycho Goreman with Frankie Freako, a horror-comedy following a man who allows “a trio of tiny trouble-makers into his home, led by the maniacal rock-n-roll party monster Frankie Freako. It’s a race against time as he must defeat the rambunctious ruffians and clean up their trail of destruction before his wife returns from her weekend work trip, all while going on an unexpected journey of self-discovery.” Conor Sweeney, Adam Brooks and Kristy Wordsworth are attached to star.

Deadpool 3

In conversation with Empire, Emma Corrin stated their mysterious villain role in Deadpool 3 satisfies “an itch [they] want to scratch. ”

I feel really excited to play a villain. I haven’t done that, and it’s an itch I want to scratch. I’d heard about the project but, classic Marvel, they couldn’t tell me anything about it. Absolutely nothing. Zilch. So I met him being like, ‘I don’t know what this is about.’

Cocaine Bear 2

Elizabeth Banks’ also stated she would “take” the “opportunity” to direct a sequel to Cocaine Bear in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

I loved how subversive, crazy, silly and funny it was. I loved surprising people with the cast. I don’t think anybody was expecting Margot Martindale, who’s 70 years old, to shoot that kid. We had a lot of fun, and if I got the opportunity to surprise the audience and delight myself again, I would take it. I’ve been very fortunate to work across a lot of genres and things that appeal to me. Cocaine Bear also came to me during the pandemic. We were all locked away, and I loved the sense of fun inside of it. It was what I wanted to see. And it had this message about mankind’s culpability in nature’s demise. It spoke to me on a lot of levels.

Creature Commandos

In response to a fan on Threads (via Comic Book), James Gunn responded “yes” when asked if we can expect the DCU’s upcoming slate of animated films to have theatrical releases.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

Seth Rogen discusses Ice Cube’s Superfly and his coterie of chimeric henchmen in a new Mutant Mayhem featurette.

It’s Called Mutant Mayhem | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (2023 Movie) – Seth Rogen


Meanwhile, the cast and crew of Strays discuss its raunchy talking dogs in a another new featurette.

Strays Featurette – A Look Inside (2023)

The Pod Generation

Emilia Clarke and Chiwetel Ejiofor disagree on how to decorate their externally-grown baby’s room in a new clip from The Pod Generation.

The Pod Generation (2023) Clip: The Baby’s Room [EXCLUSIVE]

Haunting of the Queen Mary

Alice Eve, Joel Fry, Nell Hudson, William Shockley and Lenny Rush star in the the trailer for Haunting of the Queen Mary, a new horror film exploring “the mysterious and violent events surrounding one family’s voyage aboard the Queen Mary on Halloween night in 1938, and their interwoven destiny with another family onboard the infamous ocean liner present day.”

Haunting of the Queen Mary | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical

Hostile Dimensions

Bloody-Disgusting also has a teaser for Hostile Dimensions, a “multiverse horror” film in which “two documentary filmmakers decide to investigate the disappearance of a graffiti artist who seemingly ‘vanished’. As they delve deeper into their research, they encounter an ominous freestanding door which leads them on a dark journey through the dimensions behind it.”

Hostile Dimensions (2023) Exclusive First Look – FrightFest Horror Movie

Trigun Stampede

Early Trigun Stampede character designs of Vash and Wolfwood were shown at Otakon this past weekend.

House of the Dragon

Elsewhere, new photos from the set of House of the Dragon’s second season appear to reveal The Wall from Fire & Blood.


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