The Cheapest Mobile Plans on the Vodafone Network That Aren’t Vodafone

The Cheapest Mobile Plans on the Vodafone Network That Aren’t Vodafone
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Alongside Telstra and Optus, Vodafone is one of the biggest mobile networks in Australia. While you can pick up a plan directly through the provider, Vodafone also sells wholesale access to its network to smaller mobile providers.

These Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) have the same coverage as Vodafone (96% of the Australian population), but with a lower price tag, making them a great alternative if you’re looking to cut down on your monthly phone bill. In most cases, these MVNOs are powered by Vodafone’s 4G network, as only select plans have access to the parent provider’s 5G network.

Here are the cheapest mobile providers on the Vodafone network that aren’t just Vodafone.

Cheap mobile plans with 5GB or more on the Vodafone network

TPG is currently running an offer where all of its mobile plans are 50 per cent off for the first six renewals of your connection. This offer is only available to new customers and you’ll need to pay the plan’s full price once the discount period ends. The provider’s cheapest plan has a 12GB data allowance and is available for $10 per renewal (and then $20 per renewal at full price).

TPG’s sibling provider iiNet is also offering a half-off deal across all of its mobile plans. However, while you’ll pay the same price as TPG, you’ll receive a lower data allowance. For example, in this data range, you’ll get a plan with an allowance of 8GB for $10 per renewal ($19.99 per month at full price).

If you don’t want to muck around with price changes, Kogan Mobile offers a 10GB plan for a flat rate of $15 per month.

Cheap mobile plans with 30GB or more on the Vodafone network

As we move up the data range, once again TPG has one of the best value plans in this range, thanks to its aforementioned half-off offer. You can pick up the telco’s 45GB plan for $15 per month for the first six months of your connection, and then $30 per month thereafter.

You can also get a similar 50 per cent off deal with iiNet and Internode, which are both offering plans with a 40GB data allowance for $15 per month. This price will last for the first six months of your connection, and then increase to $29.99 per month.

Kogan Mobile is also offering a 40GB plan for a set price of $25 per month, which makes it slightly cheaper than what iiNet and Internode are selling at full price.

Cheap mobile plans with 60GB or more on the Vodafone network

If you’re after a mobile plan with at least 60GB, there are a few usual familiar faces from the previous sections. TPG has the cheapest plan going in this data tier, with 60GB for $20 per month for the first six months of your connection (and then $40 per month thereafter).

If you don’t mind hopping around from providers, Kogan Mobile is offering an 80GB plan for $40 per month. That’s not a bad option to swap to once TPG’s discount period ends, as you’ll be able to nab an extra 20GB of data per month for the same price.

Felix Mobile is offering a different kind of plan. Instead of a monthly cap, this Felix plan comes with unlimited data. However, its download speeds are capped at 20Mbps. This Felix plan is currently being offered with a 50 per cent discount that lasts for the first three months of your connection when you use the promo code FELIX50. This means you’ll pay $17.50 per month, and then $35 per month once the discount period ends.

If you’re after a lot of data, Vodafone is offering a 150GB plan for $55 per month, and a 300GB plan for $65 per month. Unlike the other MVNOs listed here, this plan will give you access to Vodafone’s 5G network.

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