The iPhone 16 Could Be Cooler Than the iPhone 15, Literally

The iPhone 16 Could Be Cooler Than the iPhone 15, Literally

Apple may have found a solution to the iPhone 15’s overheating problems by using a graphene heat sink in its newer models, according to a leak reported by 9to5Mac Thursday. The solution, if true, should keep the iPhone 16 cool, especially with early word that the next Apple flagship phone could be more expensive than the $US800 iPhone 15.

The leak comes from Apple prototype collector Kosutami, who has managed to get their hands on upcoming product prototypes in the past. A heatsink, as described, could offer as much as four times better thermal conductivity. The leaker claims Apple’s newest iPhones will also change its Pro series battery to a metal shell, which would also mitigate the overheating issues.

Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The iPhone 15 was one of the hottest phones this year, literally, as users reported their Apple products reaching temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Some iPhones even had “screen burn-in,” an issue commonly reserved for older OLED screens, though the fix was resolved with an IOS 17 update.

Apple insists there are no hardware problems relating to the iPhone 15’s 3nm processor or new titanium frame, and that overheating issues were an easily solvable IOS bug. The company initially told customers their phones were overheating due to heavy processing loads, but ultimately admitted there were issues with Apple’s software.

The iPhone 16 could be getting a price hike from the already expensive iPhone 15, according to reports from Nikkei Asia. Production costs rose significantly for the iPhone 15, more than was reflected in its phone pricing, and analysts speculate Apple will pass on those price hikes to consumers with the iPhone 16.

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