MORNING SPOILERS: Josh Brolin Says Thanos May Return to the MCU

MORNING SPOILERS: Josh Brolin Says Thanos May Return to the MCU

Josh Brolin’s been hearing rumours that suggest Thanos will return to the MCU in a future project. Mads Mikkelsen says a new season of Hannibal has “got to happen.” Plus we’ve got trailers for another film based on a Disney character entering the the public domain, one about the Loveland Frog, and a lot more. It’s spoilerin’ time!

Photo: Marvel Studios

Avengers: Secret Wars

During a recent interview with Comic Book, Josh Brolin stated he’s heard rumors “through the grapevine” Marvel intends to bring Thanos back for a future MCU project.

You know, I hear kind of like through the grapevine, that they’re gonna bring him back. And there’s the What If…? series and that’s a different kind of Thanos and all that. But I don’t know in the Marvel world whether they’re going to bring him back, but I didn’t know that he was the most killed-off Marvel villain … You learn something new every day.”

Oswald: Down the Rabbit Hole

Bloody-Disgusting has a teaser for an independent horror movie starring Disney’s other public domain character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, from director Lilton Stewart III, producer Lucinda Bare, Mana Animation Studio, Tandem Post House, and VFX supervisor Bob Homami. The film, said to boast a 142-page script, follows “main character Art and friends embarking on what starts as an innocent journey to track down his family lineage, quickly turns into a bloodcurdling nightmare when they find his Great-Grandpa Oswald’s abandoned home. The group is transported to a place lost in time, shrouded by dark Hollywood devilry. When Art’s Great-Grandpa’s come-to-life cartoon Rabbit, a dark entity, decides their lives belong to it, the group is petrified. Art and his friends must work together to escape the haunting prison by the skin of their teeth, before the Rabbit gets to them first.”


OSWALD: DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE Official Announcement Trailer (2025)


Elsewhere, Rue Morgue has a trailer for Frogman, a new found footage horror film exploring the legend of the Loveland frog coming to VOD this March 8.


Exclusive FROGMAN Trailer


A grieving mother is attacked by a parallel universe’s version of herself in the trailer for Parallel, starring Danielle Deadwyler, Aldis Hodge, and Edwin Hodge.


Parallel | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical

Altered Reality

A pharmaceutical company grants its customers time-warping powers in the trailer for Altered Reality— a new indie thriller written, produced by, and starring Charles Agron, featuring special appearances by Lance Henrikesen, Edward Asner, and Tobin Bell.


Altered Reality – Official Trailer (2024) Tobin Bell, Charles Agron

History of Evil

After the U.S. becomes a “theocratic police state,” Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries) and Jackie Cruz (Orange is the New Black) seek refuge inside a haunted house in the trailer for History of Evil, coming to Shudder this February 23.


History of Evil feat. Paul Wesley | Official Trailer | Shudder

Code 8 Part II

Neflix has also released a new trailer for Code 8 Part II, starring Robbie and Stephen Amell.


Code 8 Part II | Official Trailer | Netflix


Mads Mikkelsen stated a new season of Hannibal “has got to happen eventually” in a recent interview with Business Insider.

It’s no secret that all of us who were part of the cast and Bryan [Fuller], we all want to go back. It’s got to happen eventually sooner than later because we’re not getting any younger, right? But the story itself can jump, it can have that gap, which is fine. So it’s all about finding a home for it, but that’s nothing concrete out there now. Why that’s the case? I don’t know. We love the show and there seem to be a lot of other people liking it as well.

The Last of Us

During a recent interview with Games Radar (via Comic Book) Jeffrey Wright answered “anything is possible” when asked if he’d reprise his video game role as Isaac Dixon in the second season of The Last of Us.

Anything is possible. We shall see.

Solar Opposites

Finally, the Solar family removes love from the world in a clip from the Solar Opposites Valentine’s Day Special, premiering today on Hulu.


Solar Opposites Valentine’s Day Special | The Solars Remove Love From The World | Hulu

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