LG Drops 2024 TV Lineup, Includes Whopping New 98-Inch QNED Screen

LG Drops 2024 TV Lineup, Includes Whopping New 98-Inch QNED Screen

LG has dropped its 2024 TV lineup with 35 new and updated screens for consumers to glue their eyeballs to. In the 2024 drop, the company has released its new 98-inch QNED89 model, with its LG Quantum Dot and NanoCell colour technologies. LG said it has released this Certified Big Boy with sports fanatics in mind.  

The 2024 QNED range has AI-powered processing technologies and personalisation from the upgrade of webOS 24. This year’s QNED range is equipped with the new Alpha 8 AI Processor. 

For this year’s B series, LG has dropped the prices of the 2024 OLED models by 20 per cent, with some models shaving close to $1000 off the price compared to the 2023 range

This year the tech brand is celebrating 10 years of WebOS, its TV operating system and 11 years of its OLED series

LG also has a new Re:New program, where those who buy a 2024 model will be able to upgrade their TV’s operating system for the next five years. The company has also made that available to consumers who have purchased 2022 models and later. 


The LG OLED M4 is capable of wireless video and audio transmission at up to 4K 144Hz, thanks to the Zero Connect box. The next iteration in the M series, LG said the additional 24Hz transmission of the M4 provides accurate detail and an elevated sense of immersion. 

From this range, there will also be a new 97-inch OLED M available to purchase. 

The M4 has a one-wall design which allows the TV to sit flush against the wall for a streamlined look. When paired with the Zero Connect box, the TV sends video and audio signals wirelessly to the cinematic screen while connecting the TV with commonly used HDMI devices through multiple ports built into the box.  

The LG StanbyMe Go. Image: LG

LG StanbyMe Go TV

LG’s more art deco range, the lifestyle screen range has introduced the new StanbyMe Go, a TV in a suitcase, aimed at those who want to watch their fave movies in the great outdoors. 

Equipped with a built-in battery that lasts around 3.5 hours on one charge, it also has screen protection and speakers. This model is ideally suited to watching movies, playing games, and streaming content, and when in Table Mode, it becomes a digital boardgame or turntable, providing a fun and nostalgic experience for users. 

Featuring an adjustable screen by height, orientation, and viewing angle, LG said the StanbyME Go provides “tailored viewing experiences”. 

LG 2024 TV Range: Models and Pricing

OLED evo M4 

  • OLED97M4   TBA 
  • OLED83M4   TBA 
  • OLED77M4    TBA 

 OLED evo G4 

  • OLED83G4  $9,999 
  • OLED77G4 $7,999 
  • OLED65G4 $5,299 
  • OLED55G4 $4,199 

 OLED evo C4  

  • OLED83C4 $7,999 
  • OLED77C4  $5,999  
  • OLED65C4  $4,299 
  • OLED55C4  $3,299 
  • OLED48C4  $2,499 
  • OLED42C4  $2,199 


  • OLED65B4  $3,299 
  • OLED55B4  $2,499 


  • 86QNED91 $5,499 
  • 75QNED91 $3,999 
  • 65QNED91 $2,999 


  • 98QNED89 $8,999 


  • 86QNED86  $4,299 
  • 75QNED86  $2,999 
  • 65QNED86 $2,299 
  • 55QNED86 $1,799 


  • 86QNED81  $3,699 
  • 75QNED81  $2,499 
  • 65QNED81 $1,899 
  • 55QNED81  $1,499 
  • 50QNED81 $1,299 
  • 43QNED81 $1,099 


  • 86UT80 $2,899 
  • 75UT80 $1,899 
  • 65UT80 $1,499 
  • 55UT80 $1,199 
  • 50UT80 $999 
  • 43UT80 $899 

LG OLED Flex  

  • 42LX3Q  $4,999 

LG StanbyME  

  • 27ART10AKPL  $1,999 

LG StanbyME GO 

  • 27LX5QKNA TBA 

See the full range here.

Image: LG

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