Dyson Has Changed the Hair Drying Game Again With the Supersonic Nural

Dyson Has Changed the Hair Drying Game Again With the Supersonic Nural

It’s time to add hair dryers to the ever-growing list of products that have now become smart, and you can thank Dyson for this. Today the brand has unveiled its new hair dryer, the Dyson Supersonic Nural which features smart sensors to protect your scalp. 

The smart styling tool is equipped with a new ‘scalp protect mode’ that uses sensors to reduce heat and airflow as the device comes near your head. 

In this mode, as the device gets closer to the head, heat is automatically reduced to 55 degrees Celsius, which Dyson said is the optimum temperature for scalp comfort and drying speed. 

This is done through a ‘time of flight’ sensor, which projects an invisible infrared beam to measure the distance between the machine and your hair. This means no matter how far away the tool is from your head, you will feel the same temperature. 

When the tool is in scalp protect mode, the capsule illumination changes colour to show the heat setting. The LED light colour will automatically change between cool blue or yellow (low heat), to orange (medium heat) and red (high heat), depending on the distance the machine is from the head. 

Another very cool feature this hair dryer has is the ability to ‘pause’ when the device is put down. It has a motion-sensing accelerometer that automatically deactivates the heater, decreasing airflow and noise, when you are in between styling passes. 

As someone who has nearly destroyed a bathroom by popping her hair dryer down while it was still on, this could be a game changer (and a life saver to bathroom vanities everywhere).  

Smart sensor technology. Image: Dyson/Gizmodo Australia.

Smart attachments

The new Nural tool comes with new magnetic attachments that cater to all hair types. The hair dryer also knows which attachments have been placed on the tool so it can change the settings based on the user’s styling preferences.  

“If you’re able to limit heat damage, you can get a healthier scalp; and healthier hair. Our new Supersonic Nural has a time of flight sensor which recognises your head and reduces the heat as it gets close to your hair, preventing heat damage to both your scalp and your hair,” founder and chief engineer at Dyson, James Dyson said. 

One of the new attachments is a diffuser, which Dyson has completely redesigned in the hopes of better styling wavy and curly hair 

In ‘dome mode’, the large dome shape of the attachment draws airflow away from the scalp for smoother, elongated waves with rounded ends. In ‘diffuse mode’, the pronged insert delivers air deep into the roots for defined, voluminous curls and coils.

Dyson Supersonic Nural availability and pricing

The Dyson Supersonic Nural will be available from April 8 for ANZ owners and April 11 from Dyson Direct. The Dyson Supersonic Nural will be priced at $749. 

Image: Dyson/Gizmodo Australia

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