Samsung’s Cheap 98-Inch TV Might Just Make You Cry

Samsung’s Cheap 98-Inch TV Might Just Make You Cry

Samsung has just unveiled its all-new 2024 TV range, including gorgeous OLED, QLED, and even Crystal UHD panels on the cheaper side, with one of the most impressive new additions to the Samsung family being a fairly accessible 98-inch UHD display.

‘Tis the season for revealing new TV lineups. People love big TVs, and that’s what Samsung’s going for. The star of the show for most people will likely be the new Crystal UHD 98-inch display, which starts at $6,755. That price might be high, but consider for a second that you’re getting a TV almost as big as a building. Also, consider that its more beautiful counterparts, those with Neo QLED and QLED panels, cost $15,172 and $11,649 respectively. Crystal UHD looks fine, but you’ll get much better colour depth on the QLED panels Samsung is offering for much more money. It’s the same RRP as the TV’s 2023 predecessor, though you could probably save some money by getting last year’s model (Bing Lee currently has it for $6,000).

The stars of the Samsung TV range. Image: Zachariah Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

But that’s just one member of Samsung’s all-new TV and sound range, of which there are 22 different pieces of tech. Another standout piece of tech that Samsung is treating Aussies with this year is its new $750 Music Frame. Now, this Frame is intended to complement Samsung’s incredible Frame range of TVs, but it can also be used on its own.

The Music Frame has a stand for sitting on benchtops, but it can also be wall mounted, and multiple Frames can be paired to create a home speaker system. Image: Zachariah Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

You can use it as a home speaker with your own insert in the frame (you can even order a specialised picture for it via Samsung online), but ultimately, the mission statement of the Music Frame is to have a speaker that doesn’t look like a speaker. As such, you can have several of them set up on your wall, giving you a fairly competent home audio setup.

To me, the star of the lineup had already been revealed for the Australian marked in March, with the company’s OLED S95D anti-glare model. Seeing it in person, I was blown away by it – and after holding my keyring LED torch up to it, I was left very impressed with just how easily it kills rogue light sources. If you hate glare, it’s the TV to have, easy.

The S95D is just unbelievably good at killing glare. Image: Zachariah Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

Samsung AI TV features

There are also, you guessed it, AI features that have swung by Samsung’s 2024 TV range. Across the range, AI features such as game detection (for adjusting picture quality dependent on the style of game), upscaling features (particularly for the 8K models), black AI enhancements, noise reduction, tailored sharpness, and even a feature that adjusts picture quality for sports based on the ball on-screen have been introduced, but I didn’t see any need to drop everything and buy one of these TVs for these features.

Did I mention the screens are beautiful?

Apart from AI, though, there are some things to write home about. The QLED panels are Pantone validated for colour accuracy, the OLED panels can now function at up to 144hz (perfect for high-spec gaming), and all of the screens are exceptionally thin.

Here’s the pricing for Samsung’s 2024 TV range, including soundbars. All models are available from retailers and the Samsung website from today.

The Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV (QN900D)

  • 85-inches: $13,900
  • 75-inches: $10,427
  • 65-inches: $7,530

The Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV (QN800D) (Previous year model)

  • 85-inches: $10,444
  • 75-inches: $7,541
  • 65-inches: $5,569

The Samsung Neo QLED 4K Smart TV (QN90D)

  • 98-inches: $15,172
  • 85-inches: $7,585
  • 75-inches: $5,835
  • 65-inches: $4,668

The Samsung OLED 4K Smart TV (S95D)

  • 77-inches: $9,281
  • 65-inches: $5,800
  • 55-inches: $4,640

The Samsung OLED 4K Smart TV (S90D) (Previous year model)

  • 77-inches: $6,976
  • 65-inches: $4,999
  • 55-inches: $3,837

The Samsung 98-inch TV range

  • 98-inch Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV (DU7700): $6,755
  • 98-inch Neo QLED 4K Smart TV (QN90D): $15,172
  • 98-inch QLED 4K Smart TV (Q80C): $11,649

Soundbars and the Music Frame

  • Music Frame (LS60D): $749
  • HW-Q990D Q-Series Soundbar: $2,099
  • HW-S800D S-Series Soundbar: $999

Image: Samsung, Disney

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