MORNING SPOILERS: Why Loki Season 2 Put One of Its Heroes In McDonald’s

MORNING SPOILERS: Why Loki Season 2 Put One of Its Heroes In McDonald’s

Gareth Edwards dives into his vision for The Creator. One familiar face may not return for Scream 7. Plus, creepy new looks at a bunch of new indie horror films. Spoilers, away!

Scream 7

Elsewhere, entertainment insiders ViewerAnon and MyTimeToShineHello allege Jenna Ortega may be too “busy” to return for Scream 7.

The Creator

Gareth Edward’s describes The Creator as “a Vietnam movie mixed with robotic sci-fi” in a new featurette.

The Creator | Gareth’s Vision | 20th Century Studios

Zombie Town

A cursed film reel has the power to “suck the souls” from its viewers in the trailer for Zombie Town starring Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Madi Monroe, Marlon Kazadi, Henry Czerny, Bruce McCulloch, Scott Thompson, Brenna Coates and R.L. Stine as himself.

ZOMBIE TOWN Official Trailer (2023) Dan Akroyd, Chevy Chase


A prisoner participates in a “shadowy government experiment” — with monsters — in order to have his sentence commuted in the trailer for Subject, premiering today on Screambox.

SUBJECT | 2023 | Official Release Trailer | SCREAMBOX Original

10/31, Part III

The 10/31 horror anthology franchise returns for a third installment this September 29 on VOD.

10/31 PART 3 | Official Trailer (NEW 2023)



During a recent interview with Fast Company, Loki producer Kevin Wright promised Sylvie has a character-motivated reason to be working at McDonald’s in season two.

This character had been on a decades-long, maybe centuries-long revenge mission, and the classic trope of those stories is that it’s all-consuming, and she’s not thinking about what comes next. Now she has this moment of opportunity, where is she going to go? When we stayed in the view of the character, this woman who went on the run as a child, had been running through time, a fugitive of time, living in apocalypses, never being able to relax or slow down, the novelty of walking into a 1980s McDonald’s looked appealing.

I was worried that McDonald’s would think we wanted to do something ironic or make fun of them. But we were selling an earnest story, a love letter to nostalgia through a character’s eyes who will see all of the novelty and joy of it.

American Horror Story: Delicate

Finally, Kim Kardashian’s pregnant stomach is secretly a giant black widow spider in a new trailer for American Horror Story: Delicate.

American Horror Story: Delicate | Official Teaser – Nesting | FX

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