The First Toxic Avenger Trailer Is a Bloody Good Mess

The First Toxic Avenger Trailer Is a Bloody Good Mess

Break out the mops, throw on the tutus, and slide that eye down to your cheek. The first trailer for the remake of The Toxic Avenger is here and it perfectly portrays the film’s irreverent tone and gory tendencies.

Directed by Macon Blair, this new Toxic Avenger stars Game of Thrones fan favorite Peter Dinklage as Winston, a widower struggling to raise a stepson played by Jacob Tremblay. When his job, run by an evil corporate ass played by Kevin Bacon, won’t pay for health insurance, Winston fights back and ends up in a vat of toxic waste. Now, you don’t see really any of that in this first teaser (note that it’s very much NSFW!), but take that story and put it in this world, and you begin to get the idea of what this movie is.


The Toxic Avenger – Exclusive Red Band Teaser Trailer (2023) Peter Dinklage, Elijah Wood

That trailer comes courtesy of IGN ahead of the film’s West Coast premiere at Beyond Fest in Los Angeles, CA this week. Fortunately for you, we attended the world premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX last week and have a full review for you here. The movie fully embraces its Troma roots in all the best ways—it’s dumb, it’s bloody, it’s fun—but rejects them in all the bad ways. Mainly, this one has a story that won’t make you turn away in disgust. It may make you vomit out of disgust, though, cause the film is gross as hell, as one would hope from a film called The Toxic Avenger.

There’s no word yet on a release plan for the film though hopefully general audiences will get to see it sooner rather than later. It’s certainly not for everyone but if it’s a movie you’re interested in seeing, you’re gonna like it.

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