Marvel Wants You to Remember The Marvels Is a Captain Marvel Sequel

Marvel Wants You to Remember The Marvels Is a Captain Marvel Sequel

So this is a little odd. Over the weekend, I saw a new TV spot for The Marvels and was struck by something: it was almost completely devoid of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), both of whom were massive, massive parts of the previous two trailers released for the film. Instead, this clip focused heavily on Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), making it very clear this movie is a sequel to Captain Marvel while mostly ignoring its connections to the Disney+ shows Ms. Marvel and WandaVision.

In fact, an extended version of that spot is now online and you can watch it right here.


The Marvels | Prepared | In Theaters Nov 10

The one I saw on TV didn’t have all the clips from the previous movies like this one does, but those scenes only hammer it home more. The Marvels is Captain Marvel 2. Plus, Kamala and Monica only appear briefly, as if they are barely supporting characters.

I figured that was an anomaly until Marvel Studios sent out a press release stating “Captain Marvel Returns with New Super Hero Allies on November 10″
which featured the above clip as well as a new featurette called “The Return of Captain Marvel.” Not Ms. Marvel. Not Monica Rambeau. Not WandaVision. Captain Marvel. You can watch that below.


The Marvels | The Return Of Captain Marvel | In Theaters Nov 10

That has more Kamala and Monica in it than the TV spot but, again, it’s quite focused on this being Carol’s movie. So, why the change? Is it because Marvel’s marketing research found audiences are much more familiar with the character that appeared in multiple billion-dollar movies as opposed to two characters from streaming shows–and therefore making it clear she’s the star is better for ticket sales? It is because these are the Carol clips and Monica and Kamala are getting their clips own in the coming weeks? Or is it something else entirely? io9 has reached out to Marvel for potential comment and will update if or when we hear back.

Whatever the case, Marvel wants you to marvel at the fact that The Marvels is a Captain Marvel sequel. That much is marvelously true. Also, tickets are now on sale for The Marvels, which opens November 10.

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