Squid Game: The Challenge Goes Full Meta With Reality Show

Squid Game: The Challenge Goes Full Meta With Reality Show

The social experiments seen in Netflix’s Squid Game dystopian future series have become real in our dystopian present: the trailer for the reality game show inspired by the hit series gathers 456 real contestants to put their skills to the test for that grand, glass-pig-encased prize of $US4.56 million.

And yes, they play the red light, green light game—but thankfully with a paintball substitution for, you know, death. Check out the trailer below for the series which drops on the streamer November 22, perfectly timed for viewing at family gatherings this Thanksgiving or Black Friday in our late-stage capitalism world.


Squid Game: The Challenge | Official Trailer | Netflix

It’s so wild to see folks fully commit to the bit, perhaps not even recognizing the social commentary intended by the show. It looks like things will get cutthroat, which carries a certain amount of ick—the need for some life-changing dough is understandable motivation. The wild obstacles look true to the series, which means the upside here is that folks can live their Squid Game fantasies minus the whole killing aspect. What a world! Is it funny? Is it too on the nose with the state of everything going on in the world? Becoming entertainment fodder in this way feels like a step in the wrong direction, no matter how much of this is intended in jest.

Watch Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix November 22.

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