Vodafone’s International Roaming Perk Now Works on Select Flights

Vodafone’s International Roaming Perk Now Works on Select Flights

Vodafone Australia has announced that its $5 per day international roaming plan is being updated to work when on board select airlines.

The $5 per day plan allows Vodafone’s postpaid customers to talk, text, and use Wi-Fi when overseas, using the data included in their standard Australian phone plan. This now works on some flights when travelling overseas, offering customers “3G-like download and upload speeds on most flights via satellite technology,” according to the telco.

“For a flat fee of only $5 per day, customers can use their device to stay in touch with loved ones, share their travel selfies, and even get some work done, all while cruising above the clouds. Best of all, customers won’t have to worry about any hidden costs or bill shock when they arrive home,” Vodafone Group executive of consumer Kieren Cooney said.

For the in-flight roaming option to be enabled, you’ll need to be signed up on a Vodafone plan and have roaming enabled on your phone.

Participating airlines include Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, and Singapore Airlines, among others.

However, be aware that you’ll still need to switch your phone to airplane mode during takeoff and landing. Once the seatbelt sign has been taken off, customers can switch off airplane mode, and go back to streaming, browsing, calling, or messaging friends and family.

The plan will activate automatically once you turn airplane mode off. Be aware that you will be charged the $5 if you turn airplane mode off, even if you don’t plan to use in-flight roaming.

If you’re wondering how Vodafone knows that you’re on an eligible international flight, it’s because there’s a transmitter and receiver located in the plane (powered by Aeromobile) that functions almost like a mobile signal tower for the Vodafone network. Your phone will recognise it as the closest signal, connect to it automatically, and will be provided with satellite connectivity as such.

If you land within 24 hours of activating the in-flight roaming plan in an eligible international roaming country, you’ll be able to continue using your data for the remaining time, after which you’ll be charged again unless you disable roaming or turn airplane mode on.

Additionally, in-flight roaming can be used for 90 days per calendar year, after which you’ll be charged pay-as-you-go roaming rates.

This is a really cool perk that Vodafone has introduced across its mobile and tablet plans, and I could definitely see myself making use of it, were I much of an international flyer (or a Vodafone customer).

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