Get Lebara’s Huge 12-Month 425GB Mobile Plan For Under $200

Get Lebara’s Huge 12-Month 425GB Mobile Plan For Under $200
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Vodafone-powered provider Lebara is currently offering discounts on some of its long-expiry mobile plans. The standout brings its 425GB recharge down from $300 to under $200. 

$199 will get you 425GB of data with a 360-day expiry. That’s roughly the equivalent of paying $16.60 per month for 35GB. 

If you think you can get by with a smaller plan, Lebara has cut the price of its 180GB recharge to $149. This works out to be the equivalent of paying $12.40 per month for 15GB. This recharge normally costs $200. 

Here are Lebara’s 360-day long-expiry mobile plans, and how they compare when broken down month-to-month. 

Lebara’s long-expiry mobile plan deals

These offers run until November 30. If you choose to stay with Lebara after your recharge runs out, you’ll pay the non-discounted rate when you renew. These Lebara plans are contract-free, however, so you’re always free to leave and find a better deal when your first year is up.

The 425GB recharge is especially good value when compared to month-to-month plans. Many plans around this price point have under 10GB of data; Superloop, for example, only includes 4GB on its $16 plan. 

Here’s a look at mobile plans starting at $16 per month: 

The standout deal here comes from Moose Mobile, where you’ll pay $16 per month for 25GB. This pricing lasts for your first year, after which you’ll pay $24 per month.  Moose Mobile is powered by the Optus network

While $16 per month for 25GB is great, it falls short of the equivalent value of Lebara’s long-expiry deal. It becomes a question of whether you’re happy to pay for a year of mobile service upfront to get a better data-per-dollar deal, or if you’d prefer the flexibility of a month-to-month plan

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.
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