The Cheapest Mobile Plans on the Telstra 5G Network That Aren’t Telstra

The Cheapest Mobile Plans on the Telstra 5G Network That Aren’t Telstra
Contributor: Alex Choros
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Looking to make use of Telstra’s 5G network without having to pay Telstra prices? A number of smaller providers that are powered by Telstra’s mobile network have started offering 5G connectivity at a more affordable price point.

Provided you have a 5G phone and live in a Telstra 5G coverage area, you’ll be able to benefit from a greater network capacity (for less congestion), faster upload speeds, and better latency.

Here are the cheapest mobile plans that have access to Telstra’s 5G mobile network.

Cheapest mobile plans on the Telstra 5G network

Boost Mobile has a $22 plan, which makes it the cheapest mobile plan on the Telstra 5G network. However, this plan only has a data allowance of 7GB which, as we’ll see, is some pretty weak dollar-to-data value. If you’re looking to keep your monthly phone bill under $30 per month, you can do better than this.

Aldi Mobile has a 25GB plan for $28 per 30-day renewal. As a bonus, you’ll get double data (to a total of 50GB) for your first three recharges on this plan. You’ll also need to pay a $5 upfront fee when you first sign up. Aldi’s download speeds are capped at 100Mbps.

Belong, which is Telstra’s budget mobile brand, is also offering a 25GB plan for $29 per month, although it doesn’t come with a double data offer. However, Belong does have extra data offers available for its larger mobile plans. If you sign up for its 40GB, 100GB or 160GB plan, you’ll receive an extra 20GB of data per month for the first year of your connection.

Belong is currently offering download speeds capped at 150Mbps across all of its plans – except for its 160GB plan, which has speeds capped at 250Mbps.

Belong’s $35 per month plan in particular has some pretty solid data-to-dollar value when compared to similarly priced plans.

Tangerine, MATE and More are all offering 32GB plans with double data for $33 per month, $35 per month and $36 per month, respectively. While these three mobile providers have more data – 64GB versus Belong’s 60GB – their increased allowances only last for the first three recharges. Belong’s plan will maintain a 60GB allowance for 12 months, so there’s better long-term value.

For comparison, the cheapest plan from Telstra is $35 per 28-day renewal and includes a 35GB data allowance for the first three recharges, and then 15GB of data after that.

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