TPG Kills Off Internode and WestNet

TPG Kills Off Internode and WestNet

TPG purchased Internode back in September 2015 as part of a consolidation play from the telco that also saw it over the years acquire other ISPs including Westnet and iiNet. However, as noted by Whistleout, it looks as though TPG’s days of having a multitude of ISP brands under its corporate umbrella are coming to an end, with Internode and Westnet customers set to be shifted to iiNet in early 2024.

Why? As per a message on Internode’s website:

We have made the decision to simplify our products and platforms and allow us to focus our resources on delivering services to our existing customers.

As a result, we will no longer be signing up any new customers to Internode from 6/12/2023. Internode Turbo Fibre and Fibre Estates products will be unavailable for new connections from this date, though existing connections may continue.

We are also planning to transition all existing Internode residential customers across to the iiNet brand in the future.

New customers attempting to sign up from 6/12/2023 will be recommended to sign up with iiNet instead.

Source: Internode Web Site, 7/12/2024

According to the notice on the Westnet site, customers will have at least 30 days notice before the date of any move – which would logically mean that the brands aren’t likely to vanish in a puff of smoke until at least early-to-mid January 2024.

In a statement to Gizmodo Australia, TPG Internet representatives stated that ” This migration will not disrupt current services for our customers. It simply means a customer’s plan, the price they pay, and the great customer service they have always received, will now be delivered under the iiNet brand.”

By and large, TPG has generally settled most of its plan pricing and structures around its sub-brands to run all but identically to TPG plans, so in most cases, a shift would be unlikely to lead to any increases in pricing for mobile or NBN plans held under the Internode or Westnet brands. Westnet’s site does note that customers on their seniors plans will be able to stay on those plans moving forward.

That 30 day span is also significant if you’re an Internode or Westnet customer, because most NBN plans these days run on 30-day terms. That would give you scope to check out competing NBN plan offers to see if you can score a better deal.

Image: Internode

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