Robert Kirkman Seemingly Kills Dreams Of an Invincible/Spider-Man Team-Up

Robert Kirkman Seemingly Kills Dreams Of an Invincible/Spider-Man Team-Up

There are a lot of superheroes in Prime Video’s adaptation of Invincible. Within the show’s first season (and half of its second), Mark Grayson has brushed shoulders with Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley and Cory Walker’s spins on classic heroes like Superman and Batman. Depending on who you ask, though, he might be meeting up with an actual comics hero in the near future instead of their legally distinct version.

In a recent IGN interview, Kirkman was asked if his creation would cross over with Spider-Man. Within the pages of 2004’s Marvel Team-Up #14 (written by Kirkman and drawn by Walker), Mark wound up in the Marvel Universe for a brief spell due to multiverse shenanigans. In it, he and Spidey teamed up to kick Doctor Octopus’ butt before Mark had to promptly return to his own world and deal with his own problems. (In addition to Spidey, he also met the New Avengers and DC’s Batman during his multiverse travels.) While admitting that would be an “amazing thing” to “pull the powers of Amazon and Disney and Marvel and everybody together,” he plainly told fans not to get their hopes up. “And that’s not a tease,” he added, as if that’ll stop fans from speculating.

Recently, voice actor Josh Keaton (who’s voiced Spider-Man numerous times over the years), teased he’d be voicing a character in Invincible. Because he doesn’t know when his character will be appearing and highlighted Prime Video’s secrecy, folks started to connect some dots that a Spider-cameo was on the horizon. What’s also fueling the fan fires is that this season of Invincible has introduced its version of the multiverse, which is being used to justify some recent (and upcoming) crossovers as of late. Add on the pre-season two Atom Eve special, and you can see how fans would be convinced that Spidey appears at some point in the near future.

Whoever Keaton is playing, it’ll likely be a fairly prominent character in some respect, given how open he’s been about appearing in the show. We’ll (probably) find out who that is when Invincible returns to Prime Video with part two of season two on March 14.

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