TPG’s Half-Price Mobile Plans Have Some of the Best Dollar-To-Data Value Going

TPG’s Half-Price Mobile Plans Have Some of the Best Dollar-To-Data Value Going
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If you’re looking to lower your monthly phone bill, or are after a mobile plan that’ll give you a decent chunk of data for cheap, then TPG has got a deal for you. The telco is currently running a half-price deal across all of its mobile plans, making them some of the best options available when it comes to dollar-to-data value. TPG is powered by the Vodafone mobile network.

Here’s what the deals for TPG’s plans look like and how they compare to what other Australian mobile providers are currently offering.

All of TPG’s mobile plan deals

All of TPG’s SIM-only mobile plans are already competitively priced in comparison to other telco providers. But given this deal, TPG is sitting pretty with the best on offer at the moment.

For instance, 25GB of data for $25 per month is already a crackin’ deal. But at half price, that’s about 50c for 1GB of data and it only gets better from there.

You can upgrade to a larger data plan – say, TPG’s 60GB plan – for $20, which is less than what you’d pay for the 25GB plan at full price. If you don’t need that much data following the trial period, you can always swap over afterwards if $40 per month feels like a pinch. With the 60GB plan, you’ll also gain trial access to Vodafone’s 5G network.

But don’t forget that TPG’s half-price mobile plans are prepaid and contract-free, so you’re welcome to move back to another provider if you’re not enjoying the experience.

Now let’s see how TPG’s data plan stacks up against other telcos.

Mobile plans with at least 5GB of data

At a glance, TPG currently has the cheapest mobile plans available within this data bracket. You’ll see that TPG has a 12GB plan for $10 per month in your first six months, which is a bit more data than most other $10 plans are offering.

TPG’s closest competitor just happens to be its sister provider, iiNet, which is also running a half-price deal across all of its mobile plans. While iiNet’s mobile plans are priced exactly like TPG’s, the key difference is that the former has a smaller data cap. For example, for $10 per month, TPG’s SIM-only plan comes with 12GB of data while iiNet has 8GB.

Even when you bump up to the next data tier, TPG has the edge over most other providers with a 25GB plan for $12.50 per month, while discounted.

However, Moose Mobile’s 25GB plan is worth considering as an alternative. The provider is currently running an offer where the first 12 months of the 25GB plan is $14.80 per month, down from the usual $24.80 per month. While TPG’s 25GB plan has the better dollar-to-data value with its initial half-off price, Moose Mobile’s plan offer is better in the long run, due to the length of its discount period and slightly cheaper full price. Moose is powered by the Optus 5G mobile network.

Similarly, Spintel’s 25GB plan is usually $22 per month but you can currently pick it up for $14 per month for the first six months. Spintel is powered by the Optus 4G mobile network.

Mobile plans with at least 30GB of data

Once again, both TPG and iiNet are offering the cheapest mobile plans within this data bracket. However, much like the previous section, there are a few providers that are offering plans with better dollar-to-data value once TPG’s half-off deal ends. And since these TPG SIM-only plans have no lock-in contracts, you’re free to swap providers once this initial discount period ends.

Southern Phone has a 50GB plan that will be $20 per month for the first three months you’re connected to it, and then $25 per month thereafter. Compare that to TPG’s 45GB plan at full price, where you’ll be paying $30 per month – while the introductory deal isn’t as good, you’ll get more data for less with Southern Phone. This mobile provider is powered by the Optus 4G mobile network.

If you want a lot of data, there’s also Circles.Life, which is offering to double your data allowance for the first year you’re with the provider. You’ll pay $25 per month and receive 60GB of data for 12 months, and then 30GB of data after that. Circles.Life is also powered by the Optus 4G mobile network.

The 100GB plan being offered by Moose Mobile also has some of the best dollar-to-data value in this tier. The provider is offering this plan for $28.80 per month for the first 12 months of your connection, and then $36.80 per month thereafter. Again, while TPG has the best introductory offer available, Moose’s plan comes with considerably more data.

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