Doctor Who Casts Miriam Margolyes as Beep the Meep

Doctor Who Casts Miriam Margolyes as Beep the Meep

In sentences that sound like shitposts but are in fact actual news, akin to Bryce Dallas Howard Is Yaddle, the BBC has confirmed that one of Doctor Who’s deep-cut villains for its 60th anniversary specials, Beep the Meep, will be suitably voiced for such a triumphant return by acting icon Miriam Margolyes.

“I’m relieved I got to work on Doctor Who before I died. With sci-fi you never know,” Margolyes said in a statement that is also bordering on shitpost-sounding territory. “Thank you for making an old woman very happy.”

Best known as a character actress across appearances in films such as Romeo + Juliet, Mulan, Happy Feet, Little Shop of Horrors, Yentl, Early Man, and many, many more appearances across stage, TV, and film, the British-Australian actress will lend her vocal chords to the Meep in the trio of anniversary specials airing to celebrate Doctor Who’s 60th birthday this November—presumably most notably in the first of the three, titled “The Star Beast.”

That name comes from the 1980 comic strip that first introduced the Meeps, and their leader Beep, in the pages of Doctor Who Weekly—also notable as the first story to ever introduce a person of color as a long-term companion for the Doctor in any medium, Sharon Davies. Cutesy-looking furry creatures, the Meeps were actually bloody thirsty intergalactic conquerors after their peaceful civilization was radically transformed by exposure to stellar radiation from a black sun. Think killer, organic Furby. And then give it Miriam Margolyes’ voice.

Doctor Who will return this November for three special episodes, starring David Tennant as the 14th Doctor, before returning again over the holiday season to debut Ncuti Gatwa’s new Doctor.

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