MORNING SPOILERS: Vincent D’Onofrio Weighs In On Daredevil: Born Again’s Reset

MORNING SPOILERS: Vincent D’Onofrio Weighs In On Daredevil: Born Again’s Reset

A new Monarch: Legacy of Monsters poster has double the Russells. Get a look at the Go Go! Loser Ranger anime adaptation. Disney+’s new Goosebumps show drops a creepy new clip. Plus, what’s coming on Chucky, Quantum Leap, and more. Spoilers get!

Untitled Steve Pink Thriller

Deadline reports Jermaine Fowler (The Blackening) is attached to star in a new “genre-bending thriller” from Hot Tub Time Machine director, Steve Pink. Though the specifics of the plot are largely under wraps, the story is said to follow Allen Perkins (Fowler) “through various twists and turns on a descent into darkness as he hosts his old college pals for the weekend.” James Morosini, Pauline Chalamet, Edy Modica, Rob Yang and Brendan Hunt will co-star.

Anna and the Apocalypse, Part II

During a recent interview with Coming Soon, Anna and the Apocalypse director John McPhail revealed there’ve been talks of a potential sequel.

100%. We’ve chatted about it; we’re all like the best of friends still. When we finished it, we were like, ‘’Done, no sequel!’’ As we became the adults we were pointing the finger at in that film and got families and grown up, and feel like we’ve got something to say in that world. So yeah, definitely not right this second, but yeah.

Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest has been rated rated “R” for “strong horror violence and gore, language throughout and brief drug use.”


Timekeepers of Eternity

Aristotelis Maragkos’ experimental reworking of the 1995 TV miniseries, The Langoliers, laboriously re-edited, printed and animated onto black and white sheets of paper is now available to watch for free on Vimeo this October.

Daredevil: Born Again

Vincent D’Onofrio weighed in on the controversy surrounding Daredevil: Born Again in response to a fan on Twitter.


Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

Kurt and Wyatt Russell enjoy top billing on a new poster for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.


Orphan Black: Echoes

A post from the official Orphan Black Twitter page promises a trailer for the new series, Echoes, sometime later today.


Go! Go! Loser Ranger

A sentai villain attempts to infiltrate a team of heroes in the trailer for Go! Go! Loser Ranger, an adaptation of the popular manga premiering sometime next year.



Quantum Leap

Ben leaps into the body of a government agent at Area 51 in the trailer for next week’s episode of Quantum Leap.


Quantum Leap 2×03 Promo “Closure Encounters” (HD)

American Horror Story: Delicate

Anna must choose between winning an Oscar and having her baby in the trailer for next week’s mid-season finale of American Horror Story: Delicate.


American Horror Story 12×05 Promo “Preech” (HD) Mid-Season Finale | AHS: Delicate


Chucky comes for Andy while Tiffany is tried for murder in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Jennifer’s Body.”


Chucky 3×03 Promo “Jennifer’s Body” (HD)


Finally, Justin Long loses control in a clip from the new Goosebumps series premiering this Friday on Hulu and Disney+.


Mr. Bratt | Goosebumps |Disney+ and Hulu

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