Star Wars’ Next Collectible Card Game Is Coming Early Next Year

Star Wars’ Next Collectible Card Game Is Coming Early Next Year

Star Wars has a long, long history with the collectible card game medium, but as the likes of Magic dabbles with high-profile crossovers and Disney itself gets in on the market with the wildly popular launch of Lorcana, its nearly time for the galaxy far, far away to return to the card-covered tabletop with its own evolution.

That evolution comes in the form of Star Wars Unlimited, developed by Fantasy Flight Games and Asmodee—the current home of myriad Star Wars tabletop products, from the latest iteration of the franchise’s TTRPG rules to miniatures games like X-Wing, Armada, Shatterpoint, Legion, and more. After teasing the new game over the past few months, the publisher has now confirmed that Unlimited’s first set, Spark of Rebellion, will launch on March 8, 2024.


STAR WARS: Unlimited OFFICIAL Teaser #2

Drawing on characters from across Star Wars’ comics, books, games, films, and shows, Unlimited sees players build 50-card decks of heroes and villains based around one major “Leader” character that commands your forces as you defend a base from ground and aerial assault. Aside from launching with a starter set including two decks built around Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, Spark of Rebellion will launch with over 200 cards, some available exclusively in the starter set, with the rest found in Unlimited’s 16-card booster packs—each of which comes with a guaranteed Leader and Base card, so players can start building decks with a few packs of boosters instead of needing to rely on the prebuilt ones launching in Spark.

Although there have been multiple Star Wars card games in recent years, Unlimited marks the franchise’s first foray into TCGs since Fantasy Flight’s own “Living Card Game,” simply titled Star Wars: The Card Game, wrapped up a six-year-long run in 2018. Fingers crossed this new game has as much staying power—in a world where licensed TCGs are facing something of a resurgence, Star Wars has plenty of opportunities to develop its own presence in the space again.

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