MORNING SPOILERS: Taika Waititi Wants His Star Wars Movie to Recapture the Joy of the Original Trilogy

MORNING SPOILERS: Taika Waititi Wants His Star Wars Movie to Recapture the Joy of the Original Trilogy

Willem Dafoe teases his Beetlejuice 2 character. Get a look at the next Doctor Who anniversary special. Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu teases its Count Orlok. Plus, Monarch teases a new monster in what’s to come. Spoilers, away!

Fantastic Four

According to a new report from entertainment insider Daniel Richtman’s Patreon page (via Coming Soon), Marvel is considering Anya Taylor-Joy to play an “unnamed villain” in Disney’s Fantastic Four.

Beetlejuice 2

During a recent interview with Variety, Willem Dafoe revealed he plays a former “B-movie action star” working as “a police officer in the afterlife” in Beetlejuice 2.

I haven’t seen any footage yet, but it was fun to do. I play a police officer in the afterlife, so I’m a dead person. And in life, I was a B-movie action star, but I had an accident and that’s what sent me to the other side. But because of my skills, I became a detective character in the afterlife. So that’s my job. But it’s colored by the fact of who I was [when I was alive]: a B movie action star.

Taika Waititi’s Star Wars

During his recent appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show (via Coming Soon), Taika Waititi revealed he hopes to capture the “joy and entertainment” of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi with his original Star Wars film.

I’ve been developing [the Star Wars film] for a few years, but I think with any film, but that one in particular, it’s something I’d really like to get right so I don’t want to rush it. It’s going to bubble along on the side…I wanna capture that joy and entertainment of those early ones like The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and all those ones, so I’m trying to figure that out. It’ll happen.

Taika Waititi Talks New ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Next Goal Wins’ & Indigenous Representation

Robert Egger’s Nosferatu

Empire Magazine (via Bloody-Disgusting) has a new image of Nicolas Hoult’s Jonathan Harker in Robert Egger’s Nosferatu.

Photo: Focus Features

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

Spoiler TV has a brief synopsis for “Parallels and Interiors,” this week’s episode of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

The team is left stranded in the frozen tundra after a narrow escape. Kentaro reflects on his relationships.

Relatedly, a new TV spot introduces a never-before-seen boar Titan.


Spoiler TV also has a synopsis for “Into the Cold,” Archer’s three-episode series’ finale.

With the UN voting to outlaw independent spy agencies, Archer and the gang have to work outside the law to save the world from an unlikely duo in this epic series Finale Event. Written by Mark Ganek.

GyeongSeong Creature

A “monster born of human greed” terrorizes 1945 Seoul in the trailer for GyeongSeong Creature, a new miniseries premiering this December 22 on Netflix.

Gyeongseong Creature | Official Teaser | Netflix


After an accident causes the flow of time to permanently cease, falling in love is ruled a criminal act in the trailer for maboroshi, coming to Netflix this January 15.

maboroshi | Official Trailer | Netflix

Doctor Who

The Doctor and Donna “must face the most desperate fight of their lives” in the trailer and synopsis for “Wild Blue Yonder,” the December 2 episode of Doctor Who.

NEXT TIME | Wild Blue Yonder | Doctor Who

The TARDIS takes the Doctor and Donna to the furthest edge of adventure. To escape, they must face the most desperate fight of their lives, with the fate of the universe at stake.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Master Shake tries his hand at screenwriting in the trailer for next week’s episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

[adult swim] – Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 12 Episode 3 Promo

Rick and Morty

Finally, Water-T returns in the trailer for “Rise of the Numbericons: The Movie”, next week’s episode of Rick and Morty.

[adult swim] – Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 8 Promo

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