The Marvels’ First Clip Is a Body Swapping Brawl

The Marvels’ First Clip Is a Body Swapping Brawl

It’s hard to imagine that the next Marvel movie is out in just a few weeks, but here we are—The Marvels is set to fly into cinemas November 9 and we’re only just getting our first extended look at the film. At least it’s a pretty fun one?

The new clip sees both Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) and Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) go toe-to-toe with Kree soldiers, but with a fun twist—using their powers too much causes the cosmically-entangled duo to swap places.


The Marvels | Official Clip ‘Friend of Yours?’ | In Theaters Nov 10

It makes for a dynamic action sequence, as the action flips between Carol and Kamala, and Kamala’s home in New Jersey and wherever Carol was fighting the Kree in the first place—with a little sideways trip to Nick Fury’s SABER space station while they’re at it. It’s only a tiny glimpse of the film but DaCosta brings a lot of energy to the moment and the movement of the camera that gives the fight a nice little kick. It’s fun! It’s weird it’s this close to the movie and we’ve barely seen or heard anything from it! Blame the AMPTP!

Anyway, The Marvels is set to hit theatres November 9.

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