Echo’s New Trailer Wants to Show You How Hard It Is

Echo’s New Trailer Wants to Show You How Hard It Is

In three weeks time, Marvel’s Echo series will make its way over to Disney+ and Hulu. The big hook of the show isn’t just giving Alaqua Cox’s titular character (and Hawkeye antagonist) a spotlight of her own: unlike the other Disney+ Marvel shows, this one is aiming to be a crunchier, more violent show similar to Daredevil. And whaddya know, it also plans to have the actual Daredevil for at least one fight scene.

Set sometime after Hawkeye, which ended with Echo going on the run after resigning from being an enforcer for Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio), the show’s newest trailer is clearly evoking the former Netflix series. We got necks snapping, splashes of blood, and people getting the hell beaten out of them—either by Echo’s hands or that of her surrogate daddy. Marvel definitely knows who it’s trying to appeal to in calling this the franchise’s “most intense series yet”—hopefully it takes a page out of Daredevil’s book and fits a one-take hallway fight at some point during its five-episode run


Marvel Studios’ Echo | Rampage | Disney+ & Hulu

Echo will also serve as the launch point for Marvel Studios’ new “Spotlight” banner: for all intents and purposes, it’s a way to justify the show’s individual TV-MA rating while also connecting it to the more PG-13 antics of the standard MCU. Marvel wants “Spotlight” shows to be able to stand on their own two feet, and previously said shows under this banner will have “street-level stakes” and be character-driven, all but confirming Daredevil: Born Again will wind up here as well.

All five episodes of Echo will drop on Disney+ and Hulu on January 9, with the specific time date of 6 PM PT. Look for io9’s thoughts on the show closer to its release.

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