Gizmodo Australia’s Favourite Tech Gadgets of 2023

Gizmodo Australia’s Favourite Tech Gadgets of 2023

Wow, it’s the end of the year again? Barely noticed. Now that we’re in December, it’s time to start reflecting on our favourite gadgets of 2023.

We had another great year of gadgets, from phones to Windows handhelds, to follow-ups to some of our favourite pieces of tech, we can only include so many favourites in this list.

So, without putting it off any longer, Here are our favourite tech gadgets from this year. If you’re interested in what we loved in 2022, head over here.

The Logitech G Pro series

Picked by Zachariah Kelly

Logitech has long been my favourite PC peripheral maker, and I’ve been using devices in its ‘G’ series for years, but this year, the company released updated versions of its flagship range, the ‘G PRO’ keyboard, mouse, and headset – and I love each of these devices. They’re not aesthetically over-the-top like many gaming accessories, but they feel extremely good to use, with satisfying switches that feel good to click, and a brilliant sound setup in the headphones. They’re also available in a gorgeous pink.

Image: Gizmodo Australia

The Xbox Series X

Picked by Zachariah Kelly

I’ve never owned an Xbox before, and for the purposes of benchmarking (to compare to the laptops and computers we often have in for testing), I was sent one earlier this year. While most of my gaming still happens on my gaming PC, I’m extremely impressed with the cross-device functionality between the Xbox PC launcher and the Xbox console. My Forza Motorsport game on my PC, for example, can be exited out, and then started on my Series X, where it will have all of my saved data. I often go back and forward when moving from gaming at my desk to gaming on my couch. Also, Game Pass is still a seriously good deal in 2023, and the Xbox Series X has really let me make the most of it.

Image: Gizmodo Australia

The Google Pixel 8 Pro

Picked by Zachariah Kelly

Google’s phones have been a favourite at Gizmodo Australia for years, and just as we included the Pixel 7 Pro on last year’s list (twice!), the Google Pixel 8 Pro returns as one of our favourite phones of the year. We loved the changes Google made to the display, switching to flat over waterfall, and we loved the new assortment of camera features. It’s a solid contender against Apple and Samsung’s best devices.

Image: Gizmodo Australia

The Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

Picked by Lauren Rouse

I didn’t think there would be such a huge difference between generations but the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen have a significant jump in audio quality and ANC. This year I tried something new and used them as earplugs at live concerts and I was seriously impressed at how well they filtered the sound without sacrificing the quality of the music.

Image: Gizmodo Australia

Apple Vision Pro

Picked by Alice Clarke

It was just a tech demo, but I was blown away by how good it was. I literally felt a butterfly land on my finger. It’s not really an essential gadget people need, it’s not the next iPhone, but using it as a portable workstation or having it to watch movies on planes is going to be pretty epic whenever it actually releases.

Image: Apple

The Kmart sunset light

Picked by Alinah Mathew

For the price, I’ve gotten pretty good mileage out of it, and it definitely sets the vibe when I’m playing a game.

Image: Kmart

The RODE Wireless GO II

Picked by David Smith

An excellent wireless mic kit that still has some problems to solve. Beautiful sound quality and top-flight ease of use, strong software support help it justify its sky-high $400 price point. Letting it down: incredibly short 40-minute battery life, and its boxy, distinctly un-microphone-like design. There’s a reason TikTok creators have been buying it in droves, but I hope RODE addresses its weaker aspects with a third revision.

Image: Rode

The Google Pixel 7a

Picked by Alex Kidman

Google’s flagship phone this year was the Pixel 8 Pro, a great phone in many respects (excluding the weird thermometer thing), but in terms of favourite gadgets, I reckon the Pixel 7a has it pipped. Why? Because it’s markedly cheaper while boiling down the essence of what makes Pixel phones great. You don’t get every single trimming and special feature, but you get more than enough. Given how mature the phone market is, getting it right for more people is, to me, more exciting than just having a slightly higher megapixel count or new NPU in your phone. Honourable mentions: Galaxy Z Fold 5 (love me a big folding lad), HyperX Cloud III Headphones (use them every day because they’re super comfortable) and of course the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Hey, you said favourite gadget 2023… oh, OF 2023? Still… it’s majestic, and deserves to win every year anyway).

Image: Gizmodo Australia

And that’s it for Gizmodo Australia’s favourite tech gadgets of 2023.

Image: Disney

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