Godzilla Minus One Is Getting a Glorious Black and White Re-Release

Godzilla Minus One Is Getting a Glorious Black and White Re-Release

The best sci-fi movie of 2023 is already making an early play for the best sci-fi movie of 2024 on a technicality. After its unprecedented international success, Godzilla Minus One is returning to Japanese theaters for a special release in black and white.

Brilliantly named Minus One: Minus Color, the re-release is intended to evoke the original 1954 Godzilla movie—which makes sense, given Minus One was made for Big G’s 69th and 70th anniversaries, after all.


It looks fantastic—mostly because it’s Godzilla Minus One, color or otherwise—but also a move that makes sense to capitalize on the film’s runaway success. Although it’s not yet been confirmed that Minus Color will release internationally, given Toho has had to make the surprise move of extended Minus One’s release in several markets from a limited one to wider availability to meet demand for what is now a record-breaking run, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see Minus Color make the leap outside of Japan at some point next year, either.

Like we need an excuse to go see it again, really. Godzilla Minus One: Minus Color releases in Japan January 12, 2024.

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