Andor’s Verada Sethu Will Be Doctor Who’s Next Companion

Andor’s Verada Sethu Will Be Doctor Who’s Next Companion

As Ncuti Gatwa’s just beginning his tenure on Doctor Who, his newest companion Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) won’t be along for his full ride. Per Variety, Gibson will be on the show after a single season, after which she’ll be replaced by Verada Sethu, last seen as Cinta Kaz over on Andor.

Season 15 of the hit BBC series is presently shooting in Wales, and earlier in the week, there were reports online circulating of the impeding exit/new arrival. At this time, no further information on Sethu’s character—such as how long she’ll be on the show or even her name—has been revealed. Companions often stick around with the Doctor for at least a single season, with the potential to return later in plenty of formats, either on TV or an audiobook or comic. However, more recent incarnations of the Doctor—namely the Twelfth (Peter Capaldi) and Thirteenth (Jodie Whitaker)—had their allies stick around for at least two seasons and maybe a holiday special.

Ruby only recently joined the Doctor with last year’s holiday special, and pre-release, it sounded like she would be hanging with the Doctor for a while. The upcoming season will have eight episodes, which hopefully gives her enough time to have a rapport with him and make an impression before we see what Sethu’s companion has to offer. And who knows, maybe she’ll come back in a later special down the road to mark Gatwa’s eventual departure or return.

Doctor Who will begin airing its new season on BBC and Disney+ this May.

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