MORNING SPOILERS: Doctor Who’s Russell T. Davies Teases a New, Controversial Mythology

MORNING SPOILERS: Doctor Who’s Russell T. Davies Teases a New, Controversial Mythology

The Minecraft movie expands its cast. David Rysdahl teases just how different the Alien show is going to be. Plus, what’s coming on Quantum Leap. Spoilers, away!


Deadline reports Emma Myers (Wednesday, Family Switch) will star alongside Jason Momoa, Danielle Brooks and Sebastian Eugene Hansen in the live-action Minecraft movie at Warner Bros. and Legendary. Details on her character are not available at this time.

The Incredible Hulk

In conversation with Comic Book, Mark Ruffalo stated he’s “been putting a lot of thought into what” a new Incredible Hulk movie “could be,” but has been “asked not to comment on it” further.

Not that I know of. I’ve been asked not to comment on it, that specifically. Hopefully one day they’ll work it out. I think it could be really cool and I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what it could be to be cool, but I don’t know yet.

Monster In My Pocket

According to Deadline, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Westbrook Studios have teamed with Altar Rock Pictures to develop a live-action series based on Monster In My Pocket, the collectible toy line of small, mono-colored plastic figurines drawn from global myth and legend. Crushingly, no further information is available regarding the series’ storyline, as “the two companies are currently meeting with writers” to cook one up.

Doctor Who

During a recent column for Doctor Who Magazine (via The Radio Times), Russell T. Davies warned “The Giggle” contains several “controversial events” unrolling “a whole new Doctor Who mythology” that caused David Tennant’s “mind” to “explode.”

There will be controversial events in [The Giggle]. If you listen and watch the commentary on the iPlayer, I unroll a whole new Doctor Who mythology for you, based around the events taking place. And I’m explaining this to David Tennant and his mind is exploding. That commentary will have absolutely exclusive information that will rock the world. I hope you’ll all find it fascinating. It’s a whole new way of looking at the history of Doctor Who and I can’t wait to see the reaction.

Alien: The Series

David Rysdahl stated the upcoming Alien series at FX is “going to be a very different but very exciting view of what the original was” in a recent interview with THR.

Noah [Hawley], in a similar fashion to Fargo, takes the movie and asks, ‘What’s the DNA of this? What’s the world perspective? What themes are we tackling? What was the original intent of this movie? Let me see if I can play with that in a new way. So he’s doing a really interesting job of that on Alien, and it’s going to be a very different but very exciting view of what the original movie was.

Quantum Leap

Finally, Ben leaps into the body of a CIA agent undercover in Egypt in the trailer for “Nomads,” next week’s episode of Quantum Leap.


Quantum Leap 2×08 Promo “Nomads” (HD)

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