Score Some Free Telstra Coverage When You Try out This Cheap NBN Provider

Score Some Free Telstra Coverage When You Try out This Cheap NBN Provider
Contributor: Alex Choros
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Belong might not be the cheapest of cheap NBN providers out there, but it is one of the better ways to save money on your mobile and internet bills at the same time.

This provider is currently offering $10 off the first six months if you sign up for its NBN 100 plan before February 29, but the real savings here come in the form of a free mobile plan

The Belong Premium Unlimited plan usually costs $90 per month, but if you sign up before February 29 you’ll pay just $80 per month for the first six months instead. After that honeymoon period is up, you’ll revert to the usual rate. Still, it’s a solid $60 in savings on what you’d be paying otherwise.

As with Belong’s internet offering writ large, this NBN plan is a no-contract one. That means you’re free to shop around and find a better plan when it stops making sense for your specific financial situation or you find a deal worth switching to. 

Another thing that this NBN plan shares with the rest of the Belong roster is that signing up for it nabs you a free Belong Mobile SIM that comes preloaded with $80 in credit.

This credit can be put towards any of Belong’s mobile plans, which all run on the Telstra mobile network. The only catch here is that you do have to be a new Belong Mobile customer to make use of it. Check out the widget below for a comprehensive snapshot of your options. 

Even if a $10 discount on the cost of your NBN 100 connection isn’t quite as good a deal as what some other providers are offering, the ability to save on your mobile bill at the same time is hard to pass on. 

The fact that you have a bit of choice in how you want to use that $80 in credit doesn’t hurt either. For those looking to subsidise their Telstra mobile coverage for as long as possible, the Belong 25GB Mobile SIM Plan is your best bet. This plan even comes with 5G, though your speeds are capped at 150Mpbs. 

In addition to the comprehensive coverage offered by the Telstra wholesale network, you’re also getting unlimited data rollover. In any case, $80 in credit should cover you for two to three(ish) months with this particular plan. After that, you’re free to jump ship to a better value option as this plan is a no-contract one. 

If you’re not quite sold on bundling all your bills under a Belong account though, here are a few other bundling-friendly options you might want to consider instead. 

Fergus Halliday is a journalist at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.

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