Andor Season 2 Likely Delayed to 2025

Andor Season 2 Likely Delayed to 2025

Cassian Andor will return. It’s just going to happen later than expected.

Earlier this week, a Disney+ press release revealed exactly which shows the company is expecting to debut on the streamer in 2024. For Star Wars, it mentioned Skeleton Crew and The Acolyte, but that was it. Noticeably absent was season two of Andor, the award-winning spy show starring Diego Luna which showrunner Tony Gilroy said was aiming to arrive summer of 2024.

Now, that’s not going to happen. A source close to the show confirmed to io9 that while Acolyte and Skeleton Crew are scheduled to come out in 2024 (along with some animated shows like the final season of The Bad Batch), Andor season two is not expected to join them. The reasons are the show was forced into a mid-production delay due to the writers and actors strikes, as well as the release of the other two shows, which will take up a good chunk of the year.

The source didn’t 100% close the book on Andor season two debuting in 2024, but made it seem highly unlikely.

Certainly, this is a disappointment for fans who were hoping to see the continuation, and conclusion, of Cassian’s story as soon as humanly possible. However, do you really want Gilroy and his team to rush things just to hit a release date? Especially when Lucasfilm has two brand new Star Wars shows coming beforehand, with all new characters and stories from brand new creative minds? Of course not. So we’re choosing to look at this as a glass-half-full situation.

Plus, with the next Star Wars movie not coming until 2026, 2025 is likely to now have both Andor and season four of The Mandalorian, though the latter’s release window is educated speculation. That would be a nice mix for the year, right? Disney CEO Bob Iger has also been insistent in recent months that the company no longer wants to flood the market with its big brand names. All of which is to say, the delay might be best for everyone.

There you have it. Andor season two is likely coming in 2025. Are you upset about Andor’s delay? Do you think season two can live up to the original? Let us know below.

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