MORNING SPOILERS: The Last of Us Season 2 Will Keep You Waiting a Long, Long Time

MORNING SPOILERS: The Last of Us Season 2 Will Keep You Waiting a Long, Long Time

Stephen King hypes up the new Salem’s Lot adaptation. Natalie Holt teases what to expect in Loki’s season two finale. Plus, what’s coming on Quantum Leap, and another snifter of new Godzilla Minus One footage. To me, my spoilers!

The Monster of Many Noses

Variety reports Pablo Derqui and Ivan Benet will star in The Monster of Many Noses, a period-set fantasy film set in Spain, 1968 from Barcelona-based filmmaker, Abigail Schaaff. Based on a script by Eric Moral and Jorge Velasco, the story concerns three children trying to escape “the so-called Man of Many Noses, a figure in Catalan lore who hunts down children who have told too many lies on the last day of the year. But the children aren’t the only ones who fear him. Lies from the past can also be smelled.”

Untitled Occult Detective Story

During a recent panel at the Austin Film Festival, True Detective creator
Nic Pizzolatto revealed he’s written an original “occult detective story” for Blumhouse.

Blumhouse contracted me to write and direct a horror movie, which I gave them the script for last week. It’s kind of an occult detective story. But I just took a meeting with them once and we just kind of shot the shit and we had some common friends and we were wrapping up and Couper [Samuelson], the VP of Blumhouse, said, ‘Look, if you ever have an idea for a horror movie …’ And I go, ‘Actually, I have one idea for a horror movie and I’ve had it for 10 years,’ and I told it to him and he’s like, ‘Let’s go make this.’ I’ve got to see what they think of the script, but hopefully we’ll be doing that.


Salem’s Lot

Stephen King stated Gary Dauberman’s shelved Salem’s Lot remake “has the feel of Old Hollywood” in a recent Twitter post.


Godzilla Minus One

Godzilla stars down a battleship in the latest TV spot for Godzilla Minus One.



Night of the Missing

Bill Moseley and Jenna Kanell star in the trailer for Night of the Missing, a Christmas-set horror anthology including stories about “a disturbing telephone call, a mysterious ice cream man, a missing friend, and broken promises with dire repercussions” coming to Screambox this November 28.


Night of the Missing


TV Line reports Hulu has renewed Futurama for two additional ten-episode seasons.

The Last of Us

According to a new report from Bloody-Disgusting, The Last of Us plans to resume production “in early 2024, targeting a premiere sometime in 2025.”

Welcome to Derry

Bloody-Disgusting additionally reports Max’s It TV series, Welcome to Derry, will now premiere sometime in 2025.


In conversation with Comic Book, Loki composer Natalie Holt stated next week’s second season finale includes some of her best work to date.

I’d say, I can’t wait for people to see Episode 6. And, for me, it was the most, just satisfying thing to write. Yeah, I just felt, I feel kind of like so emotionally tied up with the character. Because I’ve been working on the show for such a long time now. What it feels like. And, you know, what happens to Loki, I feel like I go on this journey with him every time I worked on a season. So, I just feel… Yeah, it was sort of sad to say goodbye and I didn’t want to stop working on it. Yeah, it feels… I can’t…. Yeah. All I can say is I can’t wait for people to see it.

Quantum Leap

Finally, Ben must prevent Nazis from getting their hands on Albert Einstein’s plans for a nuclear bomb in the trailer for “Secret History,” next week’s episode of Quantum Leap.


Quantum Leap 2×06 Promo “Secret History” (HD)

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