These Are the Best and Cheapest NBN 50 Plans Right Now

These Are the Best and Cheapest NBN 50 Plans Right Now
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NBN 50 plans offer the right balance of speed and value for many Aussies, so it’s hardly a shocker that it continues to be the most popular speed tier going. According to the ACCC, NBN 50 connections account for around 53 per cent of households. However, going with what’s popular doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay more. 

The average full-price NBN 50 plan in 2023 is around $75, but if you’re looking to sign up for a new one and you know where to look then there are a few ways to get away with paying less than that.

Only want the short version? Here’s a snapshot of the best NBN 50 deals running this month. 

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The cheapest NBN 50 plans available right now

The first internet plan worth calling out here is the Tangerine Value Plus NBN Plan. 

Rather than pay the usual $79.90 per month for this particular plan, you’re only paying $59.90 per month. That discounted rate will stick for the first six months and gets you unlimited data, typical download speeds of 50Mbps and upload speeds of 17Mbps. 

For everyone else, there’s the Superloop Extra-Value NBN 50 plan. 

This plan is currently available at $65 for the first six months. It comes with unlimited data, typical download speeds of 48Mbps and upload speeds of 17Mbps. After that, the cost of keeping this particular plan jumps up to the regular price of $79 per month.

While the discounted price is the drawcard here, this plan also comes with five speed boosts days per month. These allow you to temporarily bump your connection speed up from what you usually get from Superloop’s NBN 50 plan to what you could be getting from its NBN 100 plan. Unused speed boost days roll over up to thirty days. 

If you’re happy to pay a little bit more now and save some money in the long run, then the Kogan Silver Unlimited plan is another good option.

Right now, this plan will cost you $58.90 per month for your first three months and then $68.90 for each month following the promo period. It comes with unlimited data, typical download speeds of up to 50MBps and upload speeds of up to 17Mbps.

As a reminder: these plans are all contract-free. That means you’re free to shop around and swap to a new provider once your discount ends. Doing this every six or so months is the way to go if you want to keep the cost of your monthly internet bill as low as you can for as long as possible. 

More NBN plans

If you don’t think an NBN 50 plan is fast enough for you, or you’d prefer to go a cheaper route, here are Gizmodo Australia’s guides for each NBN speed tier in Australia:

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